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Project Description

The Division 13 Bus Maintenance and Operations facility is described as a bus maintenance, operations, and service facility located in downtown Los Angeles, California. The project is to be constructed onexisting LACMTA properties (Terminal 31 and the Metro Support Services Center [MSSC]), located at the northeast corner of East Cesar Chavez Avenue and Vignes Street. The project delivery method isDesign/Bid/Build.

The facility is designed to accommodate a fleet of 200 CNG buses and consists of a multi-level structuredparking garage, a maintenance building, bus fueling, bus washing, chassis wash and non-revenue vehicle washing, non-revenue vehicle fueling, and maintenance and transportation offices and support areas. In addition to Division 13 requirements, a Central Cash Counting Facility (CCCF) and a Public Fueling Facility containing compressed natural gas (CNG), bio-diesel and E-85 are part of the overall project.

Division 13 strives to set an example of sustainable design (LEED Gold goal) and the responsible use ofnatural resources. Many of the materials specified in the construction of this project are regionally sourced and/or have a high recycled content. Attention has been paid to the use of potable water withan exemplary system of storm water reclamation and reuse for bus operations and washing, and low maintenance native vegetation. Storm water run-off and the urban heat island effect are also addressed by a demonstration green roof on the Transportation Building.

Service and vehicle equipment include two and three-post in-ground lifts with modern, computercontrolledautomated adjustment, a bus wash system utilizing reclaimed storm water, chassis and nonrevenuevehicle wash systems utilizing 100% recycled water, three-axis lift systems for accessing roof mounted equipment on buses, mobile work platforms at lower level work areas, high-density palletized stacking systems, carousel and vertical retrieval modules for parts.