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Overview (Draft)

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Metro is harnessing the power of new technology to improve the way our customers move.

Get the heads up on open positions for Metro’s MicroTransit drivers.

Advancements in technology have allowed new mobility services to emerge that meet customers’ needs in ways not previously possible, significantly changing the way people travel. Currently, about 84% of commuters drive to work in LA County. Metro has an obligation to test new services to give people more options and to offer better connections to bus and rail networks.

Metro’s MicroTransit Pilot is an experimental new mode, which combines the best of public transit with the best of the private sector’s cutting-edge technology. Imagine a public transit experience in which you could be picked up and dropped off where you wanted when you wanted within designated zones. There would be a unique fleet of vehicles with trained, friendly Metro operators. You would have an option for mobile payment and reliable real-time pick-ups and drop-offs. Maybe you would use this service to connect to Metro’s bus and rail network. Or maybe you would take an entire trip on Metro’s MicroTransit. The new service would be safe, affordable, flexible and convenient.

Metro is currently working on bringing the MicroTransit Pilot to life. Check back in March 2020 for updates.