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Metro Freeway Crew

Southern California’s freeway system was once the envy of the nation, an endless drive through beautiful trees and plantings. But now LA’s freeways are really showing their age.

That’s why Metro Freeway Crew is gearing up to help. It’s Metro’s new program for freeway beautification, intended to give Angelenos a cleaner, more eco-friendly drive. The Metro Freeway Crew is starting work in two pilot locations, removing trash and debris. We’re even planning to remove graffiti.

Before long, key interchanges will bloom again with lush drought-resistant landscaping. It’s the first step in an effort to restore the luster to the roadways we use, day in and day out. And it’s nothing less than LA deserves.

Check out our two pilot locations:

Look for Metro Freeway Crew teams and be sure to give them plenty of room to work safely.