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Cycle 1 Solicitation

Cycle 1 Award Recommendations available now!

MAT Program Cycle 1 Award Recommendations

The purpose of the MAT Program is to encourage increased use of active modes of transportation, such as biking and walking, and enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety. The first cycle of the MAT Program will follow the process described in the MAT Program Administrative Procedures and further delineated in the Cycle 1 Solicitation .


  • Advancing key Metro policies: Active Transportation Strategic Plan (ATSP), First/Last Mile (FLM) policy, and the Equity Platform Framework;
  • Initiating implementation of ATSP-identified first/last mile projects and regional active transportation corridors;
  • Jump-starting action and building momentum for future efforts; creating visible, tangible results; and setting the ground work for implementation at the broad scale envisioned by ATSP;
  • Encouraging, testing, and refining project partnerships and innovative delivery approaches; and
  • Targeting investments in high need areas.

Two Programmatic Categories :

  • First/Last Mile Priority Network around major transit stations
  • Active Transportation Corridor Priority Network countywide

Funding Years : Fiscal Years 2021-2025

Total Available Funds :

  • Approx. $37.5 million for First/Last Mile Priority Network
  • Approx.  $37.5 million for Active Transportation Corridor Priority Network

Possible Award Amount:

  • $500K to $5 million for each First/Last Mile Priority Network project
  • Up to $8 million for each Active Transportation Corridor Priority Network project

The Measure M Ordinance, Guidelines and Administrative Procedures , as well as the specific MAT Program Administrative Procedures apply to this program, establishing definitions, eligible activities, and process.

For more detail on the Program and the Cycle 1 Solicitation, please review information housed under the Sponsor Resources section.

The Cycle 1 Solicitation was released on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 and the deadline to apply was Thursday, April 30, 2020.