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Module: Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Stormwater requirements aim to improve water quality through the implementation of best management practices during planning, construction, operations and procurement activities.

While we work together, transforming Los Angeles into a more livable, sustainable city, we are just as careful about the process as we are about the outcome. We’re asking you to think differently with us about how to build infrastructure so that the construction process protects the health of our waterways.

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The voice of this module

Eric Somilleda

Meet Eric Somilleda, the voice of this module. Eric is a Transit Access Pass (TAP) Customer Service Agent in the Regional TAP Service Center and has been with Metro for 5 years.

As a phone operator, my craft consists of processing TAP-related transactions for paying customers. While in the office or out on the field working special events, I provide excellence in service and support for all TAP inquires.”