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How to Use

MECA is a series of online training-style modules and downloadable resources available to you at any time from the comfort of your own computer.  These modules are not meant to be comprehensive courses on the topics, but information on the environmental expectations and deliverables inherent in Metro construction projects.

The modules can be accessed in any order and there is no requirement that you visit all the modules.  Access those that are most applicable to your work. However, many of the concepts of environmental overlap, so the more you watch, the better you will be able to see the full picture and find opportunities for innovation.

For each module, it is recommended that you first watch the video, then download the attached resources and visit web links provided to further your knowledge on the topic.

If you have questions or suggestions after reviewing the information provided, we hope you will visit the feedback tab. By providing your contact information, ECSD can respond to you in timely fashion.