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Metro Environmental Construction Awareness (MECA) Program

Metro values the relationships we build with our contractors and sub-contractors. We know that Los Angeles benefits from the innovation and ingenuity of talented teams, transforming our city in to a more livable, sustainable ecosystem.

The Metro Environmental Construction Awareness (MECA) Program is a set of video, text, and hotlink resources focused on specific environmental regulations and practices to be considered in proposal preparation and implementation. The resources provided should be used as a basis for understanding project expectations; to apply proven sustainability solutions throughout your project from its inception; and to learn the concepts, terminology, and procedures Metro’s ECSD uses.

Visit the tabs to learn how to use this resource and to sign up to be notified as future resources are posted.

MECA is a series of online training-style modules and downloadable resources available to you at any time from the comfort of your own computer.  These modules are not meant to be comprehensive courses on the topics, but information on the environmental expectations and deliverables inherent in Metro construction projects.

The modules can be accessed in any order and there is no requirement that you visit all the modules.  Access those that are most applicable to your work. However, many of the concepts of environmental overlap, so the more you watch, the better you will be able to see the full picture and find opportunities for innovation.

For each module, it is recommended that you first watch the video, then download the attached resources and visit web links provided to further your knowledge on the topic.

If you have questions or suggestions after reviewing the information provided, we hope you will visit the feedback tab. By providing your contact information, ECSD can respond to you in timely fashion.

Learn about specific environmental regulations and practices to be used in proposal preparation and implementation. Click on the module title for a description and link to resources.

Your Environmental Team

We are asking you to think innovatively with us about how to build an environmental team with the competencies needed to ensure that sustainability opportunities and environmental compliance activities are handled efficiently and effectively.

This module is designed to take you through the thinking process to ensure you have the right expertise on your team and you’re able to communicate those skills to Metro.

Your Environmental Team

Green Construction Policy (GCP)

The GCP aims to improve air quality through the implementation of best practices during planning, construction, operations, and procurement activities.

Metro is changing and we are asking you to change with us. When you understand the requirements of GCP and how it is manifested in project specifications, you will be better positioned to design and plan successful projects.

Green Construction Policy (GCP)

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Metro’s Stormwater program aims to improve water quality through the implementation of best management practices during planning, construction, and operations activities.

While we work together, transforming Los Angeles into a more livable, sustainable city, we are just as careful about the process as we are about the outcome. We’re asking you to build infrastructure so that the construction process protects the health of our waterways.

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Cultural Resources

Cultural resources are natural and created objects, typically more than 50 years old, that provide a window into our past. Our projects at Metro are responsible for the appropriate treatment of these items.

While we build the next Los Angeles, Metro believes in taking exceptional care of historical and cultural artifacts. We’re asking you to think innovatively with us about how to build new infrastructure while protecting and honoring our past.

Cultural Resources

Impacts of Climate Change on Infrastructure Planning (AB 2800)

At Metro, we build infrastructure to last, and in doing so, we think about what Los Angeles will be like in 20, 50 and 100 years from now.

We know Los Angeles is changing and as it does, we are thinking about how to provide continued service, no matter the circumstance. We are asking you to think differently with us about how to build infrastructure that is resilient to the most likely climate changes expected in our region.

Impacts of Climate Change on Infrastructure Planning (AB 2800)

Check back often for more modules posting soon…

The MECA Program will provide informational resources to help Metro contractors, subcontractors and other construction partners work with us to meet Metro environmental obligations.

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