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Keeping Fares Low

Immediate Benefits of Measure R

Metro riders – especially seniors, students and the disabled – and cities throughout LA County reap fast rewards from Measure R.

Discounted fares for disabled, senior, student and Medicare riders will not be increased for five years. Also, fares for Metro bus and rail service will remain the same for a year. Thanks to Measure R, Metro's guaranteed low fares offer a significant savings to riders compared to fare prices in other parts of the country.

Some of Measure R’s most immediate benefits also will be for the 88 cities in Los Angeles County. In the first full year of implementation, local jurisdictions are expected to receive a total of more than $100 million for their transportation needs.

These funds may be put to work by cities for projects such as pot-hole repairs, major street resurfacing, left-turn signals, bikeways, pedestrian improvements, streetscapes, traffic signal synchronization and local transit services. The remaining Measure R funds will finance dozens of new transit and highway projects countywide and accelerate those already in the pipeline.

Here's what Metro riders have to say about keeping fares low:

Ester De La Rosa
Ester De La Rosa, Pomona, Full-Time LA County Employee
"I think it's great to keep the rates low because so many people depend on it and especially right now with this economy. Even me, I've been thinking about riding Metro more often."
Jorge Ramas
Jorge Ramas, North Hollywood, Senior Citizen
"Yes it's a very good idea to keep fares low. It helps the seniors a lot. That's good. I use the Gold Line twice a week and use the buses to get to Pasadena, North Hollywood and I go all the way to Montclair."
Jazmin Mendez
Jazmin Mendez, Palmdale, College Student
"I like the flexibility of knowing that you have to pay the same rate and it's not going to increase because then you can plan ahead. If you have to plan for transportation finances, you can make sure, okay, it's going to be like this, and how I can put that into my estimates for college, and how much I have to pay for transportation."

Leo Anderson
Leo Anderson, South Los Angeles, Senior Citizen
"One reason keeping fares down is good is because I'm a senior citizen, and it will help me with some of my expenses since I'm planning for retirement. As I'm planning for retirement anything will help me. There are some people in this economy and in their job situation that probably need a little better fare reduction. I'm doing okay because I'm a senior, but even before that, it was okay with what you could squeeze out of a bus fare."