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Project Information

Prime Consultant:

Wilbur Smith Associates

Sub-Consultant Team:

Project Management

The RNO Group


Arellano Associates (Lead)
Urban Solutions, LLC (Support)


Jones & Stokes (Environmental and Community Impact)
Economics & Politics, Inc. (Economics)
Sharon Greene & Associates (Funding)

Local Goods Movement

Gill V. Hicks & Associates, Inc. (Ports)
George R. Fetty & Associates (Rail)

Stakeholder Advisory Group Meetings

One of the primary vehicles used to solicit input from the public about the MCGMAP is through convening Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) meetings. Held every other month, the SAG is comprised of invited stakeholders and project partner staff actively engaged in working collectively on development of the Action Plan. The SAG will serve as regional advocates for the multi-county goods movement action planning process and provide input on data collection, mitigation analysis, and strategy evaluation approaches.

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