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Next Stop: Boomtown

Measure M = Boomtown

View all the ways we’re transforming LA .

Los Angeles County is the most populous in the United States with an economy larger than many other states and nations. As we continue to grow, Metro’s projects and programs are designed to keep our region moving to ensure we can all get to work, school and the many places that are important to us. Metro is helping our local economy in many ways.

  • Metro creates jobs. The Measure M sales tax measure approved by LA County voters in 2016 is expected to support more than 778,000 jobs in our region and $79.3 billion in economic output, according to the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation.
  • Metro is training tomorrow’s workforce. A variety of programs are recruiting local residents to work on our projects and train students for jobs that Metro and its contractors will need to fill to keep our transportation systems running.
  • Metro connects people to jobs. Twenty-two percent of LA County residents live in a Census Block within a half-mile of a Metro Rail, Bus Rapid Transit or Metrolink station, and 74 percent within a quarter-mile of a Metro Rapid or Local bus stop. Since 2008, more than 300,000 jobs are now near a Metro Rail or BRT Line.
  • Metro is building communities. The agency is partnering with developers to create new housing along its new rail lines. The agency has adopted a goal that 35 percent of new housing will be affordable.
  • Metro is helping create much-needed housing. More than 12,200 residential units were built within a half-mile of transit stations between 2009 and 2015, and thousands of more units are in the planning pipeline or under construction.
  • Metro will spend $52 billion on transportation projects, and Metro Connect is your small business partner. Our Small Business Prime Program has resulted in over $50 million worth of contracts with small businesses. Learn how to get certified and partner with Metro today at .