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Transcript Part 4

Plan Recommendations: Public Transit
Plan Recommendations: Highway

Part 4 - Video Transcript

Now I’m gonna talk about some of the recommendations from the plan.  First off, talking about public transit; the plan recommends funding first of all for local bus.  The plan recommends maintaining the extensive system of over 2,000 Cleanfield buses as well as efficiently improving service through larger buses that carry more riders.

The plan also recommends funding for a variety of transit corridors.  First off, the East Side Go Line Extension which is currently under construction from down town to East L.A. and due to open in 2009.  The plan also recommends funding for the Expo Phase I from down town to Culver City due to open in 2010 as well as Expo Phase II from Culver City to Santa Monica.  The plan is also recommending a transit corridor in the Crenshaw corridor from the mid-city area south along Crenshaw Boulevard connecting with the green line.

In the San Fernando Valley, the plan recommends a northern extension of the existing orange line up to Chatsworth Metro Link station as well as bus speed improvements along various other north-south corridors.  And the plan recommends continued funding for Metro Link service and the plan document also lists other improvements as well.

Now I’m going to talk about the long range plan highway recommendations and the strategy of the long range plan is to fill in the gaps in the car pooling system as well as to improve traffic choke points.  Examples of some of the car pooling projects recommended in the plan for funding include Route 60 and Interstate 10 connecting to San Gabriel Valley with the Inland Empire as well as car pool lanes on the 405 connecting the west side with the San Fernando Valley.  Car pool lanes are also recommended on Interstate 5 connecting the San Fernando Valley with North County as well as improving a bottle neck on I-5 adding mix flow lanes as well as car pool lanes and thereby having a smoother transition between traffic on I-5 between Los Angeles and Orange County.

Now traffic accidents also account for almost half of congestion and Metro recommends funding for the Freeway Service Patrol which tows vehicles, and even big rigs, away from accidents thereby getting back to the regular flow of traffic as soon as possible.

Recomendaciones: Transporte Público
Recomendaciones: Autopistas

Parte 4 - Expediente Video

Recomendaciones: Transporte Público

El Plan Recomienda fondos para mejoras al sistema de transporte público:

    1. Primeramente, el sistema de autobus local
      1. Mantener el sistema de más de 2 mil autobuses de gas natural
      2. Mejorar el servicio por medio de autobuses con mayor capacidad que llevan más pasajeros
    2. La extensión de la Línea Dorado desde el centro de Los Angeles al Este de Los Angeles a inaugurar en el 2009
    3. Línea Expo primera fase: desde el centro de Los Angeles hasta Culver City a inaugurar en el 2010
    4. Linea Expo segunda fase: desde Culver City hasta Santa Monica
    5. El Corredor de Transporte Crenshaw: desde la Línea Expo hasta a la Línea Verde del Metro
    6. Valle de San Fernando:  Extensión al norte de la Línea Naranja hasta Chatsworth y mejoras al tiempo de traslado en varios corredores del Valle de San Fernando de norte a sur.
    7. Metrolink: continuar el financiamiento del servicio de trenes de traslado diario al trabajo con 500 millas de vias en cinco condados

Recomendaciones: Autopistas

Tambien, el plan

  • Recomienda varios proyectos de autopistas:
  1. Completa carriles para compartir el viaje del sistema de autopistas
  2. Mejorar los puntos de congestionamiento
  • Ejemplos de proyectos de carriles para compartir el viaje incluyen…
  1. La ruta 60 y la 10:  que conecta el Valle de San Gabriel con el area de San Bernardino
  2. Autopista 405: que conecta el oeste de Los Angeles con el Valle de San Fernando
  3. Autopista 5: que conecta el Valle de San Fernando con el norte del condado de Los Angeles
  • La 5; punto de congestionamiento desde el condado de Orange con el 710 en el este de los angeles
  • Los acccidentes causan casi la mitad de congestionamiento
  • Pore so el plan sigue proveendo el servicio de patrullaje de gruas que saca los vehículos y trailer varados en las autopistas