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LRTP Framework

A framework outline for the LRTP has been prepared, refining the concept presented to the Board in February 2017. It is designed to be modular, dynamic and comprehensive, addressing a continuum of periods. Modular means that the LRTP is flexible and differentiated, recognizing that agency staff, external partners and communities have varying levels of interests and responsibilities. This also allows for interim deliverables to be prepared during the update process. Dynamic means the LRTP will deliberately create areas of overlap between stand-alone modules to reinforce continuous integration and comprehensiveness. This flexibility also allows for the plan to address a continuum of timing milestones to be adaptable in meeting near term and long range needs. Comprehensive means that the LRTP will fully integrate and strengthen connections between existing plans and programs, along with adding new features to bridge gaps or accommodate future additions.

Importantly, this approach allows concurrent and iterative preparation of the modules. After the update is completed, the interdependencies between modules reinforce the connectedness and equivalent importance of each module in consistently implementing the LRTP. With the modular continuum approach, the LRTP will thoroughly address stakeholders and partners; meet federal requirements; and achieve a quality, comprehensive transportation plan for Los Angeles County.