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Local Return Program

Local Return Program 2016

The Proposition A, Proposition C and Measure R and Measure M Local Return programs are four one-half cent sales tax measures approved by Los Angeles County voters to finance a countywide transit development program.

By ordinance, Metro is responsible for administering the programs and establishing guidelines. The Proposition A tax measure was approved in 1980, the Proposition C tax measure was approved in 1990, Measure R was approved in 2008 and Measure M was approved in 2016. Collection of the taxes began on July 1, 1982; April 1, 1991; July 1, 2009; and July 1, 2017, respectively, while each year, more than $1 billion is generated in local transportation revenue.

As a condition of voter approval, 25 percent of the Proposition A tax revenues, 20 percent of the Proposition C tax revenues, 15 percent of Measure R and 17 percent of Measure M tax revenues are earmarked for the Local Return Programs to be used by cities and the County of Los Angeles in developing and/or improving local public transit, paratransit and related transportation infrastructure.

Local Return funds are allocated and distributed monthly to jurisdictions on a "per capita" basis by Metro. Eligible expenditures are outlined in the Metro's Adopted Local Return Program Guidelines.

There are four sets of guidelines:

  • Proposition A and Proposition C Local Return 2007 Guidelines
  • Measure R Guidelines
  • Measure M Guidelines
  • Local Return Borrowing Guidelines