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Upcoming Meetings

The EIS/EIR and associated technical studies are currently under agency review. The Link US Project team has been busy meeting with key agencies and stakeholders to provide updates on the status of the Link US project and an overview of the alternatives being considered and preliminary evaluations conducted to date.

After agency review, the public will have the opportunity to review the Draft EIS/EIR and provide comments/input that will be incorporated into the Final EIS/EIR. We are currently preparing for public release of the Draft EIS/EIR.

Ahead of the public release of the Draft EIS/EIR, the Link US Project team will send out an e-blast and mail notification to the public that will include information on how to comment and participate during the public review period. Sign up to receive project updates.

The project team will be posting our planned pop-up events around Union Station where Link US team members will be available to answer your questions about the Public Review process for the Draft Environmental Document and public hearing, distribute information you can take with you about release of draft, and provide an opportunity to comment via comment cards.

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