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Anticipated Project Benefits

Approximately 110,000 passenger trips are made through LAUS each weekday. Forecasted population and employment growth will create additional demand on bus and rail resulting in over 200,000 passenger trips through LAUS each weekday by 2040, not including trips from the future California HSR services.

Link US enables LAUS to accommodate future demands by increasing peak capacity, improving regional rail connectivity, and providing connections to more transportation options. Link US will also provide an improved passenger experience by reducing travel times and improving access and circulation, while potentially reducing greenhouse gas emissions from idling trains.

Project benefits include:

  • Improved transit connectivity
  • Enhanced passenger experience
  • Improved regional connectivity
  • Reduced train idling times
  • Future development
  • Generate 4,500 jobs per year
  • Improved pedestrian access
  • Increased rail service capacity
  • Improve US-101 and local roadways
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