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Link Union Station (Link US)

The Link Union Station (Link US) project, formerly known as the Southern California Regional Interconnector Project (SCRIP), is a Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) project designed to meet the long-term regional rail needs at Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS) by allowing the station to function more efficiently and providing a better overall passenger experience.

Link US is made up of several key components, including:

  • New run-through tracks over the US-101 freeway to provide one-seat rides to major destinations in Southern California
  • Reconfiguration of the “throat” (station entry tracks) and “rail yard” (station arrival and boarding area)
  • A new, expanded passenger concourse with retail, food services, passenger waiting areas, and other transit-serving amenities
  • Accommodation of future transportation options, including the California High-Speed Rail (HSR) project

Project Components Aerial Map

The project will transform LAUS from a “stub-end,” or dead-end station, to a “run-through” station by extending tracks south over the US-101 freeway, resulting in reduced passenger wait times. The project will also add a new loop track that will provide improved operational flexibility for rail service. Additionally, Link US includes the development of a new passenger concourse with a wide array of retail amenities to further enhance the passenger experience at LAUS. These modifications will significantly enhance the station’s efficiency and enable LAUS to continue to serve as a major hub for local, regional, and interstate transportation.

Link US will allow LAUS to meet future transportation demands and provide one-seat rides to regional destinations. The Link US Team is working together with the Federal Rail Administration, California High-Speed Rail Authority, the Southern California Regional Rail Authority, and Amtrak to ensure future rail service needs are addressed.

A new Draft Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) is anticipated to be released as early as Fall 2018.

A Final EIS/EIR will be prepared, with certification of an expected Record of Decision (ROD)/Notice of Determination (NOD) as early as Winter/Spring 2018-2019.

This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.

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