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Link Union Station (Link US)

Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS) is Southern California’s largest multi-modal transportation hub, connecting six counties (Ventura, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange) in addition to the Los Angeles – San Diego – San Luis Obispo (LOSSAN) Rail Corridor.

Key components of the Link US project include:

  • New rail communication, signals, tracks, optimized throat and railyard
  • New run-through tracks over US-101
  • New modified expanded passageway, platforms, escalators, and elevators
  • Accommodation of High-Speed Rail with a new lead track

The project will transform how the regional rail system (commuter and inter-city rail) operates in Southern California by converting LAUS from a “stub-end” station, to a “run-through” station by extending tracks south over the US-101 freeway. This could enable one-seat train rides from San Luis Obispo to San Diego. Currently, as a “stub-end” station, all commuter and intercity rail trains enter and exit LAUS through station entry tracks located north of the station. This can result in 20-minutes or longer idle time for trains at the station platform area. Conversion of the existing stub-end station to a run-through station is anticipated to significantly increase capacity for rail service while reducing train idling times.

The Link Union Station (Link US) project will address the forecasted increase in ridership from roughly 110,000 to more than 200,000 passenger trips each weekday by 2040 with a new modified expanded passageway including retail and amenities that enhances the passenger experience, create potential opportunities for transit-oriented development and transform LAUS into a world-class transit and mobility hub.

The Link US Team is comprised of a number of agency partners such as the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA), the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA, also known as Metrolink), Amtrak, Los Angeles – San Diego – San Luis Obispo (LOSSAN) Rail Corridor Agency, Caltrans, and the City of Los Angeles working collaboratively to bring this project to a successful fruition.