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Concourse Design Options

Link US will provide potential opportunities for a wide array of retail and transit-serving amenities, transforming LAUS into a world-class transit and mobility hub for visitors, tourists, and our communities. The proposed concourse improvements would connect the Patsaouras Bus Plaza to the east with the historic Union Station to the west.

Draft EIR

Two passenger concourse options were evaluated in the Draft EIR that would allow passengers to access the train platforms from either an above-grade or at-grade concourse. The proposed project included an above-grade passenger concourse with expanded passageway below the rail yard, and the build alternative included the at-grade passenger concourse, also located below the rail yard.

Final EIR

As a result of coordination with funding partners and public feedback during the public review of the Draft EIR, the loop track and above-grade passenger concourse were removed from the project. The expanded passageway located below the rail yard considered in the Draft EIR would be modified to provide transit-related retail, food and other amenities to create a world-class transit station and improve the passenger experience.

REVISED Concourse Video (Draft and Subject to Change)

Archived concourse options videos