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Draft EIR

Metro released the Link US Project Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for public review and comment in January 2019. The Draft EIR included a full and equal level of evaluation of the two track alignment alternatives and two passenger concourse design options that were consolidated under two alternatives (CEQA proposed project and CEQA build alternative). Each of the alternatives considered the following elements:

  • Both track alignment alternatives included up to 10 run-through tracks with a loop track south of LAUS, with the major difference being the shared or dedicated lead track alignment north of LAUS.
  • Both concourse design options included concourse-related improvements below the rail yard. An above-grade component to the passenger concourse was also considered in the Draft EIR.

Final EIR

During the Draft EIR 45-day public comment period, over 600 comments were received from various agencies, organizations, tribes, and members of the public. Primary areas of concern included the above-grade passenger concourse; construction impacts related to air quality, rail operations, and traffic; hazardous materials and contaminated soils; public art and amenities; and the permanent closure of Vignes Street, south of US-101.

Based on comments received in opposition to the above-grade passenger concourse and the outcome of considerable coordination with project funding partners and rail operators, the CEQA proposed project certified as part of the Final EIR included the following modifications:

  • Removal of the above-grade passenger concourse and modification to the expanded passageway below the rail yard.
  • Removal of a construction access road located on LAUS property and staging/assembly areas north and south of LAUS.
  • Removal of the loop track and associated closure of Vignes Street, south of US-101.

No updates to the CEQA Build Alternative were considered in the Final EIR. The Metro Board of Directors certified the Link US Project Final EIR on June 27, 2019.

Concourse Video (Draft and Subject to Change)

Archived Concourse Options Videos