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Hey LA, meet your line letters.

Metro is growing,

And that’s great news for LA, because we have big plans for new rail and busway lines. More Metro is going to require a change to keep it easy for everyone, including riders with visual impairments. So we’re adding letters to the name and symbol for all rail and busway lines.

Watch for line letter names

This Fall, when the New Blue Improvements Project is complete, you will see the new signs indicating that it’s the A Line. There are new digital kiosks on the platforms to provide interactive real time information, alerts and service maps, all with the new line letters. New customer information will be available too, including online maps,, timetables, and other print materials.

Unfortunately, we can’t do it all overnight.

Our plan is for all stations to have updated permanent signage within the next several years. During the transition, our riders may see both color and letter symbols throughout the system, though the service colors in use will remain the same.

To help bridge the two conventions, a temporary hybrid naming system will be introduced using both the letter and the color to refer to the line. For example: the Blue Line becomes the A Line (Blue) . This hybrid will be phased out eventually, and then we will only use the letter names on our materials.

Fares, routes and times are not changing with this name update.

Thanks for going Metro as we grow.

If you have comments or questions, please email us at .

Why is Metro adding letters to the current naming convention for rail lines and bus rapid transit lines?

We’re updating line names to include a letter to help everyone, including riders with visual impairments, have a better journey. Research and testing revealed that letters are easier for everyone to understand than color alone. The combination of letter and color is going to help all riders move through our system.

What is changing?

Coming soon, you’ll start to see letters added to line colors. The letters will appear on signage, maps, customer information, digital communications and everywhere else you find our colored dots and squares. The colors will not change, and we will continue to use them as we do now to indicate routes and service.

When is the change coming?

This Fall, when the New Blue Improvements Project is complete, you will see the new signs indicating that it’s the A Line. Our goal is for all stations throughout the system to have updated signs within the next several years.

On digital platforms, such as our website, digital kiosks, Google and the online Metro Rail & Busway map, the change will happen sooner. Printed material will be updated as the opportunity arises, but we will prioritize pieces, such as timetables, maps, take-ones, posters and fact sheets in order to keep riders informed.

How were the letters chosen for the line names?

Letters are assigned in the order of each line’s original opening date. For instance, since the Blue Line was Metro’s first rail line to open in 1990, it becomes the A Line. All current and future lines will get the next letter in the alphabet based on its opening date.

What if I have questions?

We’re working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible, and we’re looking forward to our new, cohesive system in the near future. If you have questions or comments, please contact us.