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In June 2014, the Metro Board of Directors approved the addition of a new light rail station to the Crenshaw/LAX Line (currently under construction) at Aviation Blvd/96th St that will serve as a true “Multi-Modal Transit Gateway” to LAX.

The goal of this new Airport Metro Connector Transit Station (AMC) is to provide a reliable, fast, and convenient connection for passengers traveling between LAX and the regional bus and rail transit system. By integrating with existing and future transit connections and airport facilities, Metro hopes to increase public transit trips to and from LAX with minimal impact to airport facilities and surrounding communities and to help reduce air pollution. Core features planned for the new multi-modal AMC include the following:

  • A new large capacity light rail station as part of the Crenshaw/LAX Line and the C Line
  • An extensive Bus Plaza and terminal facility for Metro and municipal bus operators
  • Active Transportation hub with secured bicycle parking
  • A new Metro Customer Center
  • Pedestrian plaza with passenger pick-up and drop-off area
  • Direct connection to the future LAX Automated People Mover (APM)

The AMC Transit Station is envisioned to be the new transit “Gateway” to LAX for transit riders that will be served by both the Crenshaw/LAX and Metro C Lines where passengers, visitors, airport employees and others will be able to transfer quickly and easily between the multi-modal transit at the AMC Transit Station and the elevated APM – very similar to “Rail to APM” connections at San Francisco, New York (John F. Kennedy), Miami, and other major Airports. With this direct transfer, Metro and LAWA aims to soon provide passengers a seamless experience between LAX and the Metro’s regional rail and bus systems.

To continue to learn more about the Airport Metro Connector 96th Street Transit Station project, please continue to explore this project website.