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In September 2016, the Los Angeles River Bike Path Gap Closure Feasibility Study was completed, which assessed the engineering feasibility, neighborhood connectivity, safety, environmental and permitting requirements, hydraulic impacts, real estate, maintenance and operations, and preliminary cost estimates of the project. The study finds that the project is feasible and would help serve the transportation needs of communities neighboring the project area as well as the region.

This multi-jurisdictional project requires many agencies to participate and issue approvals and/or permits, including but not limited to the Cites of Los Angeles and Vernon, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

The project will be constructed using a design-bid-build approach. Starting in 2018, Metro will work to environmentally clear and develop engineering design to fulfill any and all environmental regulation and permitting requirements and to prepare the project for construction. The project is allocated $365 million in funding through Measure M and may begin construction as early as 2023.

process of Los Angeles River Bike Path Gap Closure

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