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Project Overview

The Los Angeles River Path Project will design and construct a bike path along an eight-mile stretch of the Los Angeles River from Elysian Valley through Downtown Los Angeles to the City of Vernon, closing the longest remaining continuous gap in the Los Angeles River Bike Path.

Metro along with a number of local and regional organizations has identified closing the gap in the Los Angeles River Bike Path between Elysian Valley and Vernon as a high priority walking and biking infrastructure project. When complete, this facility will provide a seamless 32-mile grade-separated regional corridor for walking and bicycling through the heart of Los Angeles County, connecting Long Beach to the San Fernando Valley along the River.

In September 2016, Metro completed a Feasibility Study on the project. The study consisted of conducting an inventory of the project area, including real estate and right-of-way ownership; conceptual engineering analyses of alternative alignments; hydraulic analysis of the most constraining alternative; and detailed study of the surrounding neighborhoods and the infrastructure for walking and bicycling in and through them. The study assumed a path along the west bank of the river, consistent with the existing paths at the project’s northern and southern termini. The study demonstrates that although technical challenges and physical constraints exist, closing the 8-mile gap is feasible through various engineering solutions.

As the next project phase, Metro will work to environmentally clear and fulfill all permitting requirements for this project under the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Public outreach and community engagement will be conducted throughout this phase of the project.

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