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Linkages Study

The Improved Linkages to Gateway/Union Station (Linkages Study) is funded by a Statewide Urban Transit Planning Study grant from Caltrans, and is a joint effort of Metro and The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). Metro and SCAG will work closely with a technical steering committee, made up of various City of Los Angeles departments, to develop a prioritized public improvement plan that identifies pedestrian and bicycle linkages to/from Union Station and surrounding communities.

Project Overview

The Linkages Study’s objective is to improve the regional mobility and access to transit by improving pedestrian and bicycle linkages to/from Los Angeles Union Station, a regional transportation hub for numerous rail, bus and shuttle services.

The Study Area includes communities of the Los Angeles Civic Center, El Pueblo, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, the Arts District, Boyle Heights and the portions of the LA River surrounding Union Station. The Linkages Study will include a neighborhood-level assessment the Study Area’s arterial and collector streets, with an emphasis on bicycle and pedestrian mobility. The Study will also engage a community-driven process to identify appropriate public improvements that can create connections and pathways to/from Union Station.  The final report will take the form of a Public Improvement Plan, and provide a prioritized list of projects and improvements to strengthen bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between Union Station, and surrounding communities and destinations.

Union Station Master Plan

Metro will ensure that the Linkages Study is closely coordinated with the Union Station Master Plan (USMP) process, which formally began in August 2012 and is scheduled for completion within 24 months. The USMP process will include recommendations for access and circulation, and take into account recommendations from the Linkages Study in the handling Union Station’s connections to sidewalks, streets and bicycle lanes.

Linkages Study Timeline (preliminary)

Late 2012/Early 2013 Consultant selection
March 2013 Project Kick-Off
2013 Community outreach meetings
Project Advisory Committee meetings
Assessment of existing conditions
Draft Report
2014 Public workshops
Present Public Improvement Plan
Draft Final Report
Late 2014/Early 2015 Final Report

For more information, contact Lillian Burkenheim-Silver at (213) 922-7506 or