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Archived Articles


Date Article
May 24, 2013 LA Union Station Master Plan: What Do You Think? Part 1
May 3, 2013 Will The Master Plan Preserve Union Station's Art Deco Charm?
May 3, 2013 Historic LA Union Station Facing Renovation Plans
May 2, 2013 Metro Releases Four Possible Plans For Union Station Redesign
May 1, 2013 Revealed: 4 Concepts For Major Union Station Makeover
April 30, 2013 Historic Union Station Facing Renovation Plans
March 21, 2013 Union Station Master Plan to Prioritize Transit Over Development
March 21, 2013 New Development Not Top Priority for Union Station Area Plan
March 8, 2013 Union Station Transit Users Want More Access, Signage, Food
January 29, 2013 Metro Seeks Input For Union Station "Master Plan" Through Online Survey
January 28, 2013 South Park Tower Begins; What Do You Want At Union Station


Date Article
December 12, 2012 What's The Public Looking For In The Union Station Master Plan?
December 7, 2012 Union Station Master Plan Process Goes Public
December 6, 2012 Union Station: On Track for the Future
December 5, 2012 Metro Hosts First Union Station Master Plan Public Meeting
December 2, 2012 Weigh-In On Union Station Master Plan
August 12, 2012 Getting Union Station Ready For High-Speed Rail
July 6, 2012 Where I’m Reading: Union Station
July 4, 2012 Union Station Contest: LA OK For Grimshaw Team
June 20, 2012 Grimshaw And Gruen Score Contract For Union Station Master Plan
June 20, 2012 Grimshaw and Gruen on Track to Win $4 Million Union Station Contract
April 27, 2012 State Of The Union: Shortlisted Teams Unveil Vision Boards For LA's Union Station Area
April 26, 2012 Architecture Teams Present Visions Of Union Station In 2050
April 25, 2012 6 Visions For A Dream Union Station Neighborhood Of 2050
April 18, 2012 Metro To Explore The Future Of Union Station
April 17, 2012 Union Station Master Plan Vision Board Viewing Next Week
February 1, 2012 Classic L.A. To Z: U Is For Union Station


Date Article
December 9, 2011 Union Station Panel Says Area Could Be Downtown's Next South Park
December 12, 2011 Land Use Panel To Suggest Changes For Area Around Union Station
November 9, 2011 Metro Picks Architect Shortlist For Union Station Plan
August 8, 2011 Opinion: Opportunity at Union Station
July 18, 2011 Metro Chugs Forward On Union Station: Transit Agency Launches Master Plan For Rail Hub And Surrounding 38 Acres
July 15, 2011 Downtown Dreams: Los Angeles Metro Kicks Off Ambitious Plans For Union Station