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Fact Sheet

Joint Development is the real estate development program through which Metro collaborates with qualified developers to build transit-oriented developments on Metro-owned properties. Metro’s Joint Development sites are a gateway to the Metro transit system and hold unique potential to advance community development goals while attracting new riders to the Metro system.

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Joint Development Goals

• Reduced auto use/increased transit use
• Density, but consistent with surrounding neighborhood
• Mix of uses linked to transit
• High quality design
• Upgrades to/completion of Metro facilities
• Incorporation of first/last mile and active transportation improvements
• Strong neighborhood and inter-modal link
• Pedestrian orientation
• Enhanced transit patron experience
• Long-term ground lease (typically)
• Fair market return
• Sustainable development

The Joint Development Process

The Joint Development (JD) process begins with the creation of Development Guidelines, driven by a community engagement process.  In developing these Guidelines, Metro works with the community and local regulatory agencies to identify that kind of development and related infrastructure that can contribute to the creation of transit oriented communities.

The Development Guidelines document reviews desired land uses, density and amenities for a Metro-owned site; provides neighborhood context; and assesses opportunities for integration with active transportation and other community development goals. The Development Guidelines are brought to the Metro Board of Directors for review and adoption.

Once Development Guidelines are adopted, Metro solicits development proposals for JD sites through a Request for Information and Qualifications (RFIQ) or a Request for Proposals (RFP).  JD projects are typically completed using a long term ground lease to a private developer who fully entitles, environmentally clears, designs, finances, and constructs a private development on Metro’s property.

For more details on Joint Development, please see the additional documents listed under the Program Information sidebar.

Joint Development Process diagram