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Metro is beginning the process of exploring joint development opportunities at the El Monte Transit Center, starting with a Request for Proposals (RFP) to identify a developer partner.

The El Monte Transit Center houses the largest bus facility west of Chicago. The station is surrounded by park and ride lots, a parking garage, a Metro bus division, and a Metro Office Building on land owned by Metro and Caltrans. While current transit uses at the station need to remain, Metro believes there is a significant opportunity to realize infill development at the station by more efficiently accommodating existing transit uses, such as the parking facilities.

Opportunity and Site Overview

The station is located within the growing City of El Monte, in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley (SGV), and is well served by regional and local transit and freeways. The station includes 27 acres of property, though only a portion will be available for development, as transit infrastructure must continue to be accommodated. However, the size and location of the site (a ten-minute Silver Line ride to/from Los Angeles Union Station) create a unique opportunity to bring a vibrant Transit Oriented Community (TOC) to the SGV. New housing and retail developments line the northern edge of the site, one of many potential synergies with the surrounding neighborhood, which is rapidly redeveloping.

The El Monte Transit Center falls within the City of El Monte’s Gateway Specific Plan, which envisions a vibrant, mixed-use urban activity center connecting to the city’s downtown commercial core. Metro and its selected developer partner will work closely with the City of El Monte and its community members, residents and business to shape a project that advances their priorities and vision for the area.

Project Goals

The development site will be an opportunity to advance several goals:

  • Land Use
    • maximize use of publicly owned land
    • respect planning framework
  • Accessibility
    • integrate with transit, bikes, pedestrians and parking
  • Transit Facilities
    • preserve core transit facilities
  • Design
    • build a landmark with iconic design
    • include affordable housing and other community amenities
  • Community Integration
    • engage with the community early and often
    • create an inclusive place for diverse communities to gather
  • Strategic Partnerships
    • identify and leverage public sector partnerships


Metro is seeking a developer partner to create a transit-oriented development at the El Monte Transit Center. Metro will release a Request for Proposals (RFP) in the first half of 2020 to select a qualified developer. Unlike a typical joint development RFP, this El Monte RFP will require developers to submit a general vision, but will not require a defined project concept or specific site plan. This is due to the complex nature of the El Monte Transit Center and the many transit uses and operational facilities that will need to continue to be accommodated there. Instead, Metro will work alongside the selected developer to inform a concept that is optimal for the site, considering private and public goals.

Work with the selected developer will be done in two stages:

Stage 1 will entail a developer creating a project conceptual plan in coordination with Metro and will allow both parties to perform public outreach and due diligence. If at the conclusion of Stage 1, the parties believe there is a feasible project to be developed, Metro staff will seek Metro Board of Directors approval to enter into negotiations.

Stage 2 will entail further project refinement and negotiation as well as continued public outreach, environmental review and other entitlement approvals to advance the project to a joint development agreement, ground lease and construction.


Metro will issue an RFP for developer selection in the first half of 2020 to select a developer a begin Stage 1 of the development process, discussed above.

Stay Involved

The RFP will be posted on Metro's Vendor Portal .

You can also sign up to be notified of the RFP and project updates through our Joint Development list .