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Joint Development – Westlake/MacArthur Park Station

The Westlake/MacArthur Park B (Red) and D (Purple) Line Station opened in 1993 and connects patrons between North Hollywood, Koreatown and downtown Los Angeles. The station site is about 1.8 acres in size and includes a public plaza, the station entrance, and a vacant lot currently used for parking. The station’s close proximity to MacArthur Park and Wilshire Boulevard make it a busy terminus with approximately 9,000 boardings each weekday.

The Westlake/MacArthur Park parcels are located in a highly desirable area for infill development. Over a decade ago, Metro and McCormick Baron Salazar were in negotiations to develop a 5-story, 81-unit affordable housing project over 17,000 SF of retail on the ground floor . That project proved infeasible several years later.

In December 2017, Metro received an Unsolicited Joint Development Phase 1 Conceptual Proposal (“Phase 1 Proposal”) from an adjacent property owner, the Walter J Company (“WJC”), that encompassed the Metro parcels and WJC’s land. In accordance with Metro’s Joint Development Unsolicited Proposal Policy and FTA Circular 4220.1, Metro staff publicized its interest in the joint development of the Metro-owned properties at the Westlake/MacArthur Park Station. One other proposal was received for review. Metro staff deemed that WJC’s Phase 1 Proposal proposed more benefits in line with Metro’s goals of increasing transit ridership, affordable housing development, meaningful community engagement in the development process, and high-quality urban design. To that end, WJC was invited to submit a more detailed proposal, which was received in August 2018 (“Phase 2 Proposal”). In February 2020, the Metro Planning and Programming Committee discussed the Phase 2 Proposal and provided feedback on its desire for more affordable housing units and robust community engagement. WJC responded by submitting a Revised Phase 2 Proposal in June 2020.

On August 27, 2020, the Metro Board of Directors will consider entering into an 18-month Exclusive Negotiation Agreement and Planning Document (ENA) with WJC. Additional details can be found in the Board Report.

Proposed Development

The Revised Phase 2 Proposal encompasses approximately 1.8 acres of Metro-owned property and approximately 1.26 acres of land owned by WJC. The Revised Phase 2 Proposal contemplates two towers that would include:

  • Residential: 668 apartments composed of:
    • 434 market-rate apartments
    • 234 income-restricted apartments
      • Very Low (30-50% AMI):  66
      • Low (50-80% AMI):  66
      • Workforce (120-150% AMI):  66
      • Section 8 (0-50% AMI):  36
  • Hotel Rooms: 300
  • Commercial (office & retail):  124,058 SF
  • Open Space: 75,689 SF
  • Parking Spaces:  775

In addition, the proposed development includes improvements to the Metro plaza that would enhance the pedestrian experience and improve transit connectivity between MacArthur Park and the rest of the block.