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Taylor Yard is a 242-acre former rail yard site located on the Los Angeles River, just north of Elysian Park and the I-5/Arroyo Seco Parkway intersection. Metro owns or has operating rights to approximately 76.5 acres of Taylor Yard and is developing 17.75 acres into a mixed-use neighborhood with developers McCormack Baron Salazar and LA Urban Homes.  Metro’s 17.75 acres is being developed as seven separate projects on seven subdivided lots in seven distinct phases, all held together by roadways and open space, as indicated below. When complete, this community will include 95 market-rate condominiums, 361 affordable apartments, and 8,290 square feet of retail space. Currently, five of the projects are complete, and two have yet to start construction.  Each project is being constructed and operated by the developers under separate ground leases with Metro.

Project Site Information

  • Site Map
  • Satellite Map
  • Acres: 17.75
  • Jurisdiction: City of Los Angeles
  • Proposed/Completed Projects :
    • Lot 1: 1.6 acres, 87 affordable apartments for families
    • Lot 2A: 3.4 acres, 54 for-sale condominiums
    • Lot 2B: 1.4 acres, 42 affordable apartments for families
    • Lot 3: 1.8 acres, 68 affordable apartments for families
    • Lot 4: 1.9 acres, 41 for-sale condominiums
    • Lot 5: 1.8 acres, 108 affordable apartments for seniors and 8,290 square feet of retail
    • Lots 6-8: 3.6 acres, private road, infrastructure, and open space
    • Lot 9: 0.75 acres, 56 affordable apartments
    • Dedication Area: 1.5 acres, widening of San Fernando Rd. and Extension of Arvia St.
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