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Transit Center

The G Line (Orange) terminus at the North Hollywood Station, west of Lankershim Blvd., opened in October 2005 with the G Line (Orange). The terminus at that time was designed to support approximately 4,000 passengers per day. Today, more than 7,000 passengers pass through the terminus, and, with the completion of the Metro G Line Improvements Project , ridership is anticipated to increase by 39 percent. In addition, the site will be experiencing increased layover activity to accommodate electric bus charging. The NoHo Joint Development Project will expand transit facilities at the terminus and include:

  • Additional discharge, boarding and layover bays for the G Line (Orange) and future bus rapid transit services
  • New bays for local/regional buses
  • Electric bus charging facilities
  • An expanded portal to the underground B Line (Red) station
  • Abundant trees and shade structures
  • Enhanced lighting and next bus/train messaging.