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Project Updates

Metro’s Needs Your Input on “Opportunity Overview”; RFI/Q Release This Summer

The Little Tokyo/Arts District Station configuration presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for Joint Development. The area surrounding the future Little Tokyo/Arts District Station has been the subject of numerous community visioning exercises, planning efforts, studies, charrettes, and academic analyses. Metro has decided the typical Joint Development process should be modified to reflect the depth of community-driven studies already completed and to meet the needs of this and community. Rather than prepare traditional Development Guidelines and issue a Request for Proposals (RFP), Metro intends to issue a Request for Interest/Qualifications (RFI/Q), which will set expectations for a high quality project consistent with stakeholder priorities and Metro’s mission of creating Transit Oriented Communities (TOC). The goal of the RFI/Q approach is to solicit innovative ideas that think beyond typical development scenarios, align with community priorities, and encourages opportunities for strategic public/private partnerships to enhance the area around the future Little Tokyo/Arts District Station. Metro anticipates releasing the RFI/Q in late summer 2018. To receive notification when the RFI/Q is released, please email with your interest.

To inform the RFI/Q, Metro and an urban design consultant team have developed an “Opportunity Overview” of the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station. This document identifies the real estate development opportunities and developable areas around Metro’s transit infrastructure at station, summarizes development regulations on the site, and highlights community priorities for the site given existing community-driven visioning efforts and additional outreach Metro and the consultant team has completed this year. We encourage you to provide input on the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station Opportunity Overview . Please submit comments by 5pm on August 20 , 2018 to .

Project Schedule

Fall 2017

Hire urban design consultant team to initiate Little Tokyo/Arts District Station development opportunity study ( “Opportunity Overview” ) .

Jan-July 2018

Engage local stakeholders and complete Little Tokyo/Arts District Station Opportunity Overview.

Mid-late 2018

Issue Request for Interest/Qualifications. Review responses.

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