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Project Updates

Developer Applying for Project Approvals from the City of Los Angeles

Since executing a 14-month Exclusive Negotiation Agreement and Planning Document (ENA) in October 2018, Watt Companies has held several meetings with local residents, community organizations and government officials to provide updates and obtain feedback on the proposed project. An online survey aimed at gathering input on the project was circulated and over 200 responses were received. Metro and the County of Los Angeles extensively reviewed the Developer’s project plans and provided feedback on the design. In July 2019, Watt and project partner West Angeles Community Development Corporation held a community update event to unveil the revised conceptual plans based on Metro, County and community input. Over 200 stakeholders attended. Participants engaged with the Developer’s architectural/urban design team and expressed that they were generally pleased with the project’s progress.

Before the Metro Board can approve a joint development agreement and ground lease terms, the project must be environmentally cleared and entitled by the City of Los Angeles. In September 2019 Watt submitted for entitlements from the Los Angeles Department of City Planning. Given that review process will take approximately one year to complete and the current ENA was set to expire in December 2019, the Metro Board of Directors approved extended the ENA. Information on the Metro Board action can be found in the meeting recap . The entitlements process will include additional opportunities to provide input on the proposed project. Please visit Watt’s project website to stay up to date on upcoming events, and sign-up for project notifications from Metro and select “Expo/Crenshaw Station.”