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Joint Development - Central Los Angeles

Project Updates

Westlake MacArthur Park – Phase B

  • Phase B of this two-phased development proposes 82 affordable apartments for families, 6,000 to 12,000 sq. ft. retail space and 83 structured parking spaces. (Phase A of this development, completed in 2012, offers 90 units of affordable housing for families, approximately 20,000 square feet of retail space and 100 parking spaces for commuters.)
  • In June of 2016, Metro entered into an amended and restated Joint Development Agreement for the development of the anticipated Phase B project with a McCormack Baron Salazar development entity (MacArthur Park Metro, L.P.).
  • Metro is currently reviewing MacArthur Park Metro’s latest design package for the Phase B project and the parties are negotiating the terms of a ground lease and other development documents that will provide for the proposed project’s construction and operation. Approval of the project’s design and execution of the ground lease and other development documents is anticipated in the first quarter of 2017.

For more information on the Westlake/MacArthur Park – Phase B project, contact Greg Angelo, Senior Director, Countywide Planning and Development, 213.922.3815

West Hollywood (Division 7)

  • The City of West Hollywood requested Metro to allow the expiration of an ENA for a proposed mixed use development. The ENA expired 4/17/15.
  • The Joint Development Team will work closely with the City of West Hollywood to study options for this site.

For more information on the Division 7 project, contact Vivian Rescalvo, Director Countywide Planning and Development, 213.922.2563

Taylor Yard

Taylor Yard is a 247-acre former rail yard site located on the Los Angeles River, just north of Elysian Park and the I-5/Arroyo Seco Parkway intersection. McCormack Baron Salazar and LA Urban Homes are developing an approximately 17.75-acre portion of Taylor Yard owned by Metro. The proposed developments include 95 market-rate condominiums and 305 affordable apartments (197 for families and 108 for seniors), as well as 25,000 square feet of retail space. All of the projects are being constructed under separate ground leases with Metro on separate lots within the 17.75-acre subdivision. See the project’s site plan .

The affordable family apartment projects on Taylor Yard Lots 1 and 3 are complete and occupied. All of the condominiums on Lot 4 (41 units) are complete and have been sold, except for one model unit, which has been retained by the developer to use as a sales office for the pending Lot 2A project. The Lot 2A project broke ground in July 2016 and contemplates adding 54 condominiums similar to those on Lot 4. The first phase of this project should be available for move-in in late 2017. The affordable senior apartment/retail project on Lot 5A is under construction and is estimated to be complete in the 1st quarter of 2017.  The Lot 2B and 5B projects have yet to break ground and are in various stages of the joint development process. See this chart for the description and current status of the projects on each lot.

For more information on Taylor Yard, contact Greg Angelo, Senior Director, Countywide Planning and Development, 213.922.3815.