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Criteria for Distributing Agencies

Criteria for Distributing Agencies

To find out more about the program or to join, please contact the broker (First African Methodist Episcopal Church or International Institute of Los Angeles) servicing your area. The following are the minimum eligibility requirement for distributing agencies. Additional criteria may be added.

The agency must:

  • Be a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization or part of a local jurisdiction (city or county of Los Angeles).
  • Be established in Los Angeles County for at least three years.
  • Operate out of a fixed structure.
  • Have more than 50 people participating in a program.
  • Be committed to following all program requirements.

Criteria for Recipients

The Immediate Needs Transportation Program fare subsidy is available to Los Angeles County residents whose household income meets the Los Angeles County poverty guidelines, who do not have transportation and who would be using INTP fare media to meet their basic medical, shelter/housing and job search needs.

The recipient should not be receiving service from Medical Transportation, City Ride, ASI, SHORE or General Relief Token Program that covers like services.

There is no age limit, but minors must be accompanied by an adult in order to receive fare media.

Trip Purposes Eligible for Fare Subsidy

  • Job search (application process only)
  • Medical emergency (qualifies for Variable Value Vouchers)
  • Medical appointment
  • Court appearance
  • Shelter (qualifies for Variable Value Vouchers)
  • Food
  • Hospital release of cancer patients, persons with weak immune systems and children (qualifies for Variable Value Vouchers)
  • Case management is only eligible if:

o Recommended by the case/social worker
o Drug/alcohol treatment/dependency visits
o Social Security office visits

Trip Purposes Ineligible for Fare Subsidy

  • Class/school attendance
  • Employment
  • Other frequent or recurring activity
  • Other purposes deemed inappropriate by First African Methodist Episcopal Church/International Institute of Los Angeles/Metro or the agency

$11 Taxi Coupons and Variable Value Vouchers

  • $11 taxi coupon distribution has a limit of $35.00 per eligible client per month.
  • Variable Value Vouchers have a maximum value of $100.
  • In addition to the requirements set above, any of the following conditions must be met for one to qualify to receive taxi coupons:

o Frailty
o Mental, developmental or visual disability
o Presence of health risks in using transit
o Lack of available transit

  • The urgency of the need would then determine whether one should receive the $11 Taxi Coupons or the Variable Value Vouchers (i.e., shelters and medical emergencies)