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Areas Served

Areas Served by the Two Lead Agencies: IILAS and FAC

IILA's area for working with distributing agencies lies north of the line described below, while the FAC's area lies to the south:

  • Start at the Pacific Ocean on Sunset Blvd. and go northeast to its intersection with Hollywood Blvd.
  • Follow Hollywood Blvd. east to Sunset (near Vermont).
  • Follow Sunset southeast to the Harbor Fwy.
  • Follow the Harbor Fwy. southwest to the Santa Monica Fwy.
  • Follow the Santa Monica Fwy. southwest to Alameda St.
  • Follow Alameda St. south to Artesia Blvd.
  • Follow Artesia Blvd. east to the San Bernardino County line.
  • FAC continues to serve the Union Rescue Mission.