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Metro and Caltrans evaluated the following proposed Alternatives as part of the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment (EIR/EA):

  • Alternative 1: Existing Conditions (No Build) Maintains its current condition with no changes. No additional travel lanes or ramp improvements would be implemented.
  • Alternative 2: Convert HOV to One (1) ExpressLane Convert existing HOV lane to one ExpressLane in each direction with standard lane widths.
  • Alternative 3: Convert HOV to Two (2) ExpressLanes (Non-Standard Lane Widths) Convert existing HOV lanes to two ExpressLanes in each direction, with non-standard lane and shoulder widths.
  • Alternative 4: Convert HOV to Two (2) ExpressLanes (Standard Lane Widths) initially considered, however it was eliminated from further consideration as it would have resulted in unavoidable, significant environmental impacts.

Staff Recommended LPA

Based on the environmental and technical studies conducted, Alternative 3 is the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) with support from some public agencies and/or the public.

Final identification of a Preferred Alternative (PA) will occur after the public review and comment period of the draft environmental document.