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Project Development Process

The Project Approval/Environmental Document (PA/ED) for the I-105 ExpressLanes will encompass two components: the Project Report and the Environmental Document (ED). Metro and Caltrans anticipate preparing an EIR under CEQA, and an EA in accordance with NEPA. Concurrent with the PA/ED, a Concept of Operations (ConOps) and a Trac and Revenue (T&R) Study will also be prepared. The ConOps will dene operational policies, toll collection systems and facility design. The T&R will estimate toll rates and potential toll revenue for this corridor.

Metro formally initiated the Draft EIR/EA phase in March 2018 with public scoping meetings held along the corridor. Public involvement opportunities will continue to be available throughout the environmental process, including a series of public hearings and a comment period at the release of the Draft EIR/EA that will take place along the corridor to engage the community, solicit input and address questions.

Project Development Process

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