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I-605/I-5 Interchange Improvement Project Goals

The Project’s goals include:

  • Enhance mobility and quality of life for the community
  • Improve public safety
  • Minimize disruptions during construction
  • Meet transportation needs while minimizing adjacent impacts as much as possible
  • Improve the roadway by:
    • Reconstructing the interchange
    • Capacity and operational enhancement with additional mixed flow, HOV, and/or auxiliary lanes
    • Adding other modifications that enhance the driving experience

There are several benefits for this Project:

  • I-605/I-5 interchange improvements will provide relief from excessive congestion, provide safer operations, and create a less-stressful commute for motorists.
  • Improvements from the project are expected to help alleviate future impacts of regional growth and freeway congestion.
  • Upgraded freeway operations increases mobility and lessens congestion resulting in improved air and noise pollution, providing a better quality of life in the adjacent cities.
  • Improvements to the I-605/I-5 interchange will provide context sensitive solutions that take into account the local communities rich heritages and histories.