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I-605 Corridor Hot Spots Program

I-605 Corridor "Hot Spots" Program

About the I-605 Corridor Hot Spots Program

The I-605 corridor is located at the heart of Southern California’s freeway system, connecting commuters, travelers, and truckers moving between the densely populated Gateway Cities, San Gabriel Valley, the Inland Empire, and the rest of the region. The I-605, known as the “San Gabriel River Freeway”, is heavily used on a daily basis for local, regional, interregional, and interstate travel and commerce, including thousands of trucks traveling between the Gateway Cities and various points inland for the distribution of goods. The Corridor is home to ethnically diverse and historically rich neighborhoods and supports thriving commercial and industrial centers.

The I-605 Corridor is a hotbed of “Hot Spots”

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) completed a Feasibility Study analyzing and identifying several “hot spots” along the SR-91, I-605, and I-405 corridors. These “hot spots” are chronic traffic congestion areas attributed to population/employment growth and density, increased trucking activity related to growth in the goods movement industry, and deficiencies in design, capacity, and operations of an older freeway system that was originally built to serve the needs of the 1960s. These “hot spots” are causing the flow of traffic throughout the area to slow down to a stop.

Proposed Improvements for I-605 “Hot Spots”

Metro and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in collaboration with the Gateway Cities Council of Governments and the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, are proposing improvements to this corridor, including:

  • Capacity and operational enhancements
  • Additional general purpose lanes
  • Ramp reconfigurations
  • Arterial intersection enhancements
  • Increased signage
  • Safety features

Learn About the Projects

The I-605 Corridor Hot Spots Program includes two projects. Select the links below to learn how Metro plans to improve your drive.