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Gallery: Wilshire Ramp Demolition IV

The false work for bridge 8, which will become the northbound on-ramp from eastbound Wilshire, turns north toward Sunset Bl. The new ramp will be 2,305 feet longer; this means the new ramp will be abl Looking east, Bridge 7 bends toward Wilshire Bl, the Federal Building in the background. Bridge 7 will become the northbound off-ramp to eastbound Wilshire. The new ramp will be 145 feet longer. Looking north, this photo captures Bridge 7 in the foreground and Bridge 8 in the background. Looking north on Bridge 8, these rebar cages will be filled with concrete. The bridge deck will be approximately one-foot taller than the rebar cage. Looking south, this photo shows the plywood false work which will form the bottom of the concrete bridge deck. To make it easier to strip the plywood from the poured concrete, the plywood has been coa Looking northwest, this photo shows a girder of Bridge 8. In the background is a support for Bridge 6A/B, the southbound off-ramp to eastbound Wilshire Bl. The new flyover ramp will be 1,787 feet long Looking southwest, this photo captures another view of Bridge 7 as it crosses Sepulveda Bl.
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