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Gallery: Getty Center Drive Wall

Wall 1827 continues to grow at the southbound Getty   Center Drive on-ramp. The completed wall will be 55 feet tall at its highest point and 500 feet long, making it the second largest wall the projec The Wall 1827 will run 500 feet just west of the new southbound lanes and Getty Center Dr on-ramp.
Photograph Courtesy of Metro. © 2011 LACMTA While one worker scores the fresh concrete to give it a rock-like appearance, two workers shovel fallen concrete away from the bottom of the wall. This fallen concrete failed to stick to the wall's wi High above the southbound Getty Center   Dr on-ramp, a worker sprays "shotcrete" on the wire mesh surface of Wall 1827. The retaining wall is needed to contain the hillside. This is needed because the Here is a closer view of workers spraying the shotcrete into the wire mesh surface. Giant nails keep the wall in place by securing its steel and concrete façade.
Photograph Courtesy of Metro. Fifty feet above the I-405 a worker scores the concrete. Uncovered wire mesh can be seen behind and below him. The wall will eventually be stained to more closely resemble rock.
Photograph Courtesy o
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