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Gallery: Sunset Bridge Demolition & Reconstruction

Looking southeast, this views shows two water trucks on Sunset Bridge and the closure of the northbound lanes. The section of the bridge over the northbound I-405 was demolished first. Demolition of t Looking northeast from the southbound on-ramp, hoe rams tap away at the Sunset Bridge over the southbound San Diego Freeway. A sound blanket has been raised at the left of the photograph.
Photograph Lit by powerful work lamps, a hoe ram knocks away rebar and concrete. The first phase of Sunset Bridge demolition ended with removing the center columns on Thursday, July 29.
Photograph Courtesy of M Under a nest of steel rebar, a loader scoops up fallen concrete. Soil was spread under the bridge to protect the freeway surface from chunks of concrete loosened by the hoe rams. Reconstructing the so Nestled within its protective supports, the Department of Water and Power’s 34-inch live water line witnesses demolition of Sunset Bridge over the southbound lanes of the I-405. While a sound blanket rises  to the left, fallen concrete from the demolition is scooped up from the road  surface of the southbound lanes of the I-405. A hoe ram pulls down steel rebar hanging from the Sunset Bridge. Sparks from acetylene torches indicate where rebar is being cut. The metal will be recycled.
Photograph Courtesy of Metro. © 2010 Looking south during demolition of the south side of Sunset Bridge, cars can be seen streaking away to the left on Sepulveda Bl. The northbound lanes of the I-405 can be seen on the right. Behind sound blankets, two hoe rams, resembling giant mechanical elephants, pound away at the span over the northbound I-405. Soil was placed below the bridge to catch falling pieces of concrete.
Pho Looking southeast, dangling pieces of cement and rebar can be seen through the Sunset Bridge’s support columns.
Photograph Courtesy of Metro. © 2010 LACMTA Sunset Bl had to be closed in both directions before demolition could begin.
Photograph Courtesy of Metro. © 2010 LACMTA
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