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Gallery: Mulholland Bridge Reconstruction-April 2013

In the land of plywood and rebar, this photo, looking west, captures a rebar cage. It will become a bridge deck support. Workers are assembling the first layer of the complex rebar web to be covered w A trio of cranes waits to lift materials to the work area. At its highest, Mulholland Bridge rises 70.5 feet above the I-405. A worker passes the site of the future west side abutment (abutment 1) of the 608-foot-long bridge. Girders outline the bottom of the new bridge section. When covered in concrete, it will become the underside of the bridge, known as its soffit. Behind this supporting wall, workers lay rebar for a future concrete pour. Mulholland Dr can be seen in the background. Wood false work along the north edge of the north section of Mulholland Bridge spans the I-405. These photos were taken April 1. The wood planking dips near the center of the bridge; similarly, the bridge deck will vary slightly in elevation as it crosses the I-405. Looking east, this photo captures another angle of abutment 1. The rebar cages at the center of the photo will support the bridge deck. Wood and more wood face the San Fernando Valley. No photographers were at risk during the taking of this photo.
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