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Gallery: Mulholland Bridge False Work

Due to its height and configuration, reconstruction of Mulholland Drive Bridge will look different to passersby than the reconstruction of Sunset Boulevard Bridge. For example, the south side of the b Looking northeast, this photograph captures the temporary center column before it is moved into place. These photos were taken February 3, 2012. The center column rests beside the permanent east side columns while the San Fernando Valley sleeps. A cherry picker raises a worker to the temporary column. The temporary column stands 24-feet tall and 13-feet wide. Long after midnight, workers move the new center column into place. A worker holds a line while cranes move the center column into place. The column structure measures 34 feet long. The center column rests in place. It was needed to support the false work structures needed to pour the south side of the bridge. The center column rests on a three-foot-high pad. The arc of Mulholland Drive Bridge passes over the temporary column. This view looks northwest.
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