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Gallery: I-405 Closure Construction Photos, Sept 28-30

While a hoe ram prepares for work, the lights of the San Fernando Valley sparkle. Looking southwest, a protective buffer of soil has been moved under Muholland Bridge to protect the freeway surface from debris during demolition. Debris falls from Mulholland Bridge onto the protective layer of soil spread over the freeway. Shot through a fence, this photo shows a hoe ram pounding the north side bridge deck into debris. A new south side of Mulholland Bridge frames the demolition of the bridge's north side. Amidst a canyon of rubble reminiscent of a war zone, a worker cuts the jacket of a column.   Three piles of twisted rebar await removal and recycling.  Rather than battering the bridge, a hoe ram maneuvers a huge piece of bridge deck. A field of bent rebar lies between workers and the demolished north side of Mulholland Bridge. Workers use acetylene torches to cut the metal jacket off a column on the Mulholland Bridge's east side.
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