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Gallery: Church Ln Undercrossing - December 2013

This photograph looks south towards Sunset Bridge, which can be seen in the background. Workers are completing the elaborate rebar structures that must be finished before the bridge deck can be poured. This photo looks southwest. Construction workers erect flags when a major task has been completed. Part of the bridge deck had already been poured by November 20, when these photographs were taken. This photograph looks north. S As do the Skirball, Sunset, and Mulholland bridges, the Church Ln undercrossing contains cells of empty space. A bridge that was solid concrete would be much heavier without bringing any advantage. While workers measure, Sepulveda Bl runs along the undercrossing on the east. As with 26 other undercrossings, the Church Ln bridge must be widened to accommodate the additional northbound HOV lane. Workers begin building a support for a new freeway sign. The message will be the same but the sign will be higher. This photo was taken looking northeast.
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