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Skirball On-Ramps and Bridge Reconstruction
Status: Completion of the Skirball Bridge expected September 2014.
Wilshire Bl Ramps Reconstruction
Status: Extended closures for the Wilshire ramps are now over.
Sunset Bridge Ramp Reconstruction
Status: Widening of Church Ln Bridge expected to last until Mid-May 2014
Mulholland Dr Bridge Demolition & Reconstruction
Status: Mulholland Bridge completed December 2013.

With the opening of the full 10 miles of the new northbound high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane between the I-10 and US 101 on May 23, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and contractor Kiewit Infrastructure West have added badly needed capacity to the nation’s busiest freeway and closed the last remaining gap in the entire I-405 carpool lane network.

Some work remains. For example, the Skirball Center Dr southbound on- and off-ramps and the final configuration of the northbound and southbound ramps to and from Sunset Bl will be completed this summer.

Wilshire Segment

Significant elements of the Wilshire Segment are, however, complete, with all the connecting ramps joining I-405 and Wilshire Bl fully open. Bridges and walls within the Wilshire Segment are also complete.

Southbound motorists traveling the I-405 will benefit from the restriping of the freeway under the I-10. Instead of three lanes, motorists can now drive on four lanes.

Bridge Status

Bridge Status

Sunset Segment

In the Sunset Segment, Reconstruction of the Church Ln intersection is anticipated for June 2014. Full restoration of the Moraga Dr ramps is complete. Restoration of Sepulveda Bl at Moraga Dr included double left-turn lanes onto the northbound Moraga Dr on-ramp from northbound Sepulveda Bl.

Sepulveda Bridge (Bridge 19) near the Getty Center Dr ramps is complete! Minor clean-up work to the southbound median approach slabs nears an end.

Bridge Construction Status

Bridge Construction Status

Mulholland Segment

Final striping of the Southbound Valley Vista Off-Ramp is 90 percent complete. Sepulveda Bridge (adjoining the Valley Vista ramps) is complete, with roadway work continuing under the bridge.

We anticipate the Skirball Center Dr Bridge to be finished in Summer 2014. Remaining work includes installing the permanent fence and completing the wildlife crossing.

The majority of the retaining walls in the Mulholland Segment are complete. The remaining major wall under construction, Wall 1921, runs along the west edge of Sepulveda Bl between Skirball Center Dr and Mountaingate Dr. Wall 1921 must be complete before the final configuration of Sepulveda Bl in this area can be opened.

For the southbound Skirball Center Dr off-ramp, work stands at 85 percent complete. Work is 95 percent complete for the southbound on-ramp. The northbound Skirball Center Dr off-ramp and on-ramp have been opened to full capacity.

Project Overview

The I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project will add a 10-mile HOV lane and improve supporting infrastructure such as ramps, bridges and sound walls on the San Diego Fwy. (I-405), while widening lanes from the Santa Monica Fwy. (I-10) to the Ventura Fwy. (US 101).

This project will reduce existing and forecasted traffic congestion on the I-405 and enhance traffic operations by adding freeway capacity in an area that experiences heavy congestion. In addition to these modifications, the project will improve both existing and future mobility and enhance safety throughout the corridor.

Project benefits include a decrease in commuter time, reduction in air pollution, and promotion of ridesharing.

The I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project will:

  • Add a 10-mile HOV lane on the northbound I-405 between the I-10 and US-101 Fwys.
  • Remove and replace the Skirball Center Dr., Sunset Bl. and Mulholland Dr. bridges
  • Realign 27 on- and off-ramps
  • Widen 13 existing underpasses and structures
  • Construct approximately 18 miles of retaining walls and sound walls

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The I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project utilizes Twitter to post closure updates every workday afternoon. For your convenience, the updates are organized by segment. You can also view these Daily Updates on our Facebook, Twitter.

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