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For nearly 30 years, freeway High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes have been developed in Los Angeles County as an incentive to encourage people to carpool, vanpool or ride the bus. While it has generally been accepted that HOV lanes have played a significant role in the management of congestion on County freeways, the systematic evaluation and documentation of the success - or limitations - of HOV lanes has been somewhat limited.

The Metro Board of Directors recognized the need to objectively evaluate the performance of the HOV System in Los Angeles County. Metro will use the information gathered in the HOV Performance Program to make more informed decisions regarding future HOV capital investments and changes in operational policy.

The HOV Performance Program builds on existing Caltrans data collection and monitoring efforts to develop a more comprehensive and analytical approach for evaluating HOV system performance. This website will provide you with the latest information regarding Los Angeles County's HOV Performance Program.