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Project Components

In July 2015, the Preferred Alternative (PA) was finalized and adopted by Caltrans and the Metro Board of Directors, advancing the alternative for further study in the Final EIS/EIR ( Volume 1 , Volume 2 , Volume 3 ).

The selected PA consists of a freeway/tollway with HSR feeder/connector, bike lane, and a green energy generation and distribution corridor, with alignment variations D and B1, details are listed below:

Multipurpose components selected as part of the PA:

  • Bikeway- between US-395 in San Bernardino County and 20th St. East in Palmdale
  • Green energy production and/or transmission corridor - the project will assume a footprint that can accommodate an energy production and/or transmission facility along HDC.
    • The green and renewable energy component would contribute to greenhouse gas and energy cost reductions.
    • The green energy production and transmission facilities would be constructed within the study area footprint.
  • Roadway - The proposed roadway will begin in Palmdale as a freeway, follow Avenue P-8 in Los Angeles County, run parallel to and south of El Mirage Road when entering San Bernardino County, turn east to Air Expressway Boulevard near I-15, transition to an expressway at Dale Evans Parkway, and end at SR-18/Bear Valley Road in the Town of Apple Valley.
  • Toll - The toll section, would begin at 100th Street East in Palmdale and end at US-395 in Victorville.
  • HSR Feeder/Connector - The HSR Feeder/Connector service would run between the Palmdale Transportation Center and the proposed XpressWest HSR station in Victorville. The planned future passenger rail network would potentially connect San Francisco, Central Valley, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Diego.
    • HSR Option 1C to the Palmdale Transportation Center - includes underground segments for both northbound and southbound wye connections to avoid conflicts with the Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR), Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) tracks near Sierra Highway, Runway Protection Zones at the Plant 42 facility, and the St. Clair Parkway Section 4(f) open space property in Palmdale.

Alignment Variations selected as part of the PA:

  • Variation D – located in Lake Los Angeles, will reduce the number of residential displacements and avoid an existing vineyard.
  • Variation B1 – located in Adelanto, will avoid impacts to several water wells owned by the Phelan Piñon Hills Community Services District.

Project Map