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Telephone Townhall Meeting

On September 22, 2020, Metro hosted a live interactive telephone town hall meeting to provide an opportunity for residents across the County that would otherwise not have access to online and in-person outreach meetings to be informed of the Plan’s purpose, of Metro’s goods movement early action planning initiatives and ongoing Metro efforts on equity and inclusion. The meeting attracted almost 3,500 listeners at some point during the one-hour townhall with 266 listeners using the Spanish simulcast option.

The Telephone Town Hall (TTH) meeting was a successful outreach event with excellent participation and some of the best caller questions the agency has received at a Metro hosted TTH to date. Fifty percent of the telephone calls were targeted to I-710, I-5, I-605 and SR-60 corridors with high goods-movement activity concentrations and the remaining 50 percent of the calls were targeted to the residents in the rest of the County. In addition to soliciting questions and comments, polls were administered during the meeting. The polling results illustrated that 24 percent of the participants expressed their concerns for roadway safety due to track traffic associated with goods movement activities; whereas 48 percent of the polled identified that reduced exposure to harmful pollutants would benefit communities that are most negatively impacted by good movement corridors.

The audio recording of the telephone town hall meeting can be accessed at this link .