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Freight Working Group Meetings

The stakeholder engagement has been a critical tool in shaping the Goods Movement Strategic Plan (Plan), including the vision statement, Five Elements of Sustainable Competitiveness and Plan recommendations. Because freight transportation system involves a wide range of stakeholders, the project team desired to create a working group whose membership represented various players of the freight transportation system. To this end, the Freight Working Group (FWG) membership includes representatives from both public sector, private sector and advocacy groups.

Throughout the development of the Plan, the FWG was asked to provide technical guidance to the project team, and comment on the deliverables along the way to ensure that the Plan elements were capturing the existing conditions and stakeholder experiences appropriately.

For the FWG membership, see the Roster below.
For meeting materials, click on the appropriate meeting link below.


Metro FWG Roster_10232019.pdf

Meeting #1

Metro Freight Working Group_Agenda_04232019.docx

Metro Freight Working Group_Slides_04232019.pdf

LA Metro FWG#1_Summary.docx

Meeting #2

FWG #3 Agenda 10 29 2019_Final_10282019.pdf

Final_LA Metro Goods Movement_Plan_FWG_2_7-16-19.pptx

FWG Meeting #2 Summary Report_FINAL.pdf

Attachment A - FWG #2 Summary of Finding and Roundtable Discussions_FINAL.pdf

Meeting #3

FWG #3 Agenda 10 29 2019_Final.pdf

YK_Metro Freight Working Group_CFMP_Oct 2019.pdf


On Clean Truck Incentive Program & TCEP.docx

Meeting #4

FWG #4 Updated Agenda for 06 02 2020